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So it's 2 am, I'm chatting it up on Matsuricon's Facebook page... discussing Naruto?
Sounds about right.

Anyway, a lot of changes occurred over the summer.

Most are personal changes - figuring out what I am, harharhar. Like I'll ever fully know but I have some idea. Well, now I do.

I feel a lot happier than usual about myself even though that doesn't fix the fact that I always feel as hollow as a coconut.

This is my last week home before I start moving back down to Huntington. There's some reasons that I wouldn't mind staying longer but I know that I won't be able to stay.

I have my life to consider first.

That's what I've spent most of my summer figuring out.

Getting there, though.
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Some Stupid Bio Bullcrackers. by Psychodelicon
Some Stupid Bio Bullcrackers.
besides the very, very basics; I'm pretty simplistic. Yet complicated.

for the person, I prefer to be referred to as a guy more than a girl but I won't get butt-hurt if you call me a "she". aka genderqueer.

art, dogs, history, video games.
and ... working? idfk.

I go to college - for two years now, actually.
Graphic Design, advertising... I kinda dabble into all sorts of stuff. I'm a business-type of person.

I'll clean up after your lesbian lover? 

god wtf am i
Hello all!

With little to no artwork being made for a while due to work, I'm finally getting a break. Tomorrow I'm actually going to pick up some supplies to start building up my standard Attack on Titan Hanji cosplay/general Survey Corps set. 

I'm going to Matsuricon this year so I'm really excited for August to roll in soon.

Also, I'm turning 21 this year and, god, that's going to be LOTS of fun. Especially since the amount of Levi FF that I've been reading lately, I can't guarantee that I won't be screaming "HEICHOU CHOO" at people. Yes, I plan on drinking. However, I'm doing it in the comfort of indoors, securely. A few amount of friends are coming to hang out with me so I should be fine.

*excited clapping* (almost put slapping)

I've been working at Michael's for the past month now and I kinda like my job. Interacting with customers, giving them advice on what works with what projects, answering questions... making them laugh and be happy. I like putting smiles on their faces, including my coworkers.

I can't say I purely love working there as much as I do working at my university's English department but it's definitely worth the experience of it.

I've also started on five separate projects to keep myself occupied during my days off. I should be posting a few new things, too. Personally, I wish that the fanfiction I'm writing would pick up but, you know... that stuff takes time since there's a lot of Levi FF out there.

Needless to say, I'm being patient. :3
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(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
Minutes, hours, days - all have passed since your intimate chore with Levi in the baths.

After that, you spent more time alone than you intended. You felt distant, unlockable... you didn't know how to feel about it - you didn't know how to feel about Levi.

You sighed to yourself as you picked up a 2B pencil, running the tip across the lines of the face of the one you felt unknowingly for. It was in the moment that you paused, dropping the pencil, and gently ran your index finger down the size of your drawing. Levi looked just as beautiful on paper as he did in real life.

Closing your eyes, you placed a sheet of paper on top of your drawing and closed the sketch book. You certainly missed his presence.

He hasn't visited you since that faithful event. Maybe he felt just as confused as you were. Or worse.


Levi sat in his office, growling as he scratched his pen across the paper. What was it about you that got him this way? With enough force to slice a Titan's neck wide open, he threw his pen across the room and stuck it right into the door. His frustration over your lack of attention towards him became worse of the months that you denied him and his being. You were just some stupid woman - a creative one at that - ...beautiful - Levi shook his head violently and placed his hands over his face as his elbows touched the desk.

Were you doing this to draw him in? Maybe to make him see that he would need you so bad that even the clock ticking made him lose his mind without you?

That's it. Levi slammed his hands into the desk and stood up, causing his chair to fall back. "It's time to throw the lighter into the fire," Levi growled as he stomped out of his office and slammed his door.


The loud noise and the following clicks on the floor startled you. Was there a fight or something? You walked towards your door and poked your head out curiously. A hand whipped out and gripped the collar of your shirt, pushing you back into the room. A squeak had slipped past your lips as your bottom made contact with the floor.

"W-What is going on?" you stuttered as the quick figure closed the door behind them. Who ever it was remained with their back against the door, searing their eyes into your face. Your body shivered a little as you began to crab-walk away from the sudden footsteps.

"I don't know who you are b-" the same hand that forced you back into your dark room covered your mouth.

"Why are you ignoring me, maggot?" a familiar voice hissed. You blink in response and remove the hand, "Levi?"

A silence fell in the room as you pushed yourself up and reached out.

"Where are you?"

"Why do you suddenly care where I am?"

You puffed your cheeks as you gripped what felt to be a jacket.

"Don't be like that. I'm just... still working out my feelings."

"Would you like to warn me the next time you do that instead of just flat out pushing me into a closet and locking it shut?"

You winced at his pained tone. In fact, you kept yourself locked up in your room for two months. Of course, Hanji eventually got worried and started carrying food to your room as a way of checking up on you to see how you were doing.

"Levi, I didn't think-"

"That's right, you don't think. Now, you're going to pay for making me suffer."


Levi suddenly slapped your hand away and snaked his hands around you, hoisting you over his shoulder.

"What the hell?! What are you doing, you idiot!"

"You're the one who is an idiot, you stupid brat!"

Your body bounced on his shoulder as he stomped into your room and tossed you on your bed. You quickly backed up against your pillows, staring as Levi's dark figure crawled closer.

"Do you realize how irritating it is when someone not only shuts you out but when you know that you're the ONLY one being shut out?!" Levi raised his voice, pushing you into the corner.

Your facial expression strained as you tried to explain but your mouth only huffed out air. Levi grappled your shoulders and pushed your back up against the wall. The sudden forceful contact shot pain across your shoulder blades.

"Levi, knock it off! You're seriously starting to hurt me!"

"Yeah, well, now you know how I feel," Levi spat as he released your form. You sighed, remaining still as you tried to gather your thoughts.

"If it makes you feel any better, I haven't been able to concentrate on my work either."

Levi growled and remained on the bed, his eyes piercing through yours.

"...let me show you, then."

You crawled towards the edge of the bed, feeling around until you felt safe enough to slide off and walk into your office. Approaching your desk, you reached into the drawers and fumbled for a match just to set it ablaze and light a candle. Your head turned as Levi slowly walked up behind you, his expression blank.

Turning your attention back to your desk, you picked up the sketchbook and tossed it his direction. Levi caught it with a somewhat confused expression as you took a seat behind your desk.

"What is this, your fucking journal? I don't want to read your stupid sappy-"

"Just look at it, you prick."

Levi clicked his tongue as he opened the book, revealing many drawing faces on the white pages. Pausing a few pages in, he stared into what was his own face.

" drew me?"

"Oh, is that your face? I forgot," you sarcastically replied, closing your eyes and leaning your head back.

Levi ignored your comment and continued staring into the page, "but you haven't seen me for months. How in the hell did you get it so accurate?" he paused for a moment before narrowing his eyes at you, "were you secretly stalking me?"

"No. It's called 'having a person's face so gorged into your mind that it causes your art block'."

Levi went back to eyeing the drawing, falling in silence as he ran his thumb across the page. " block, huh."

"Erwin said that it was good enough that it was as if I've known your face for years."

He closed your sketchbook and placed it on the desk. Unexpectedly, he kicked back your chair and leaned you back as his grip on the chair kept you steady. Both of you stared at each other before you raised your eyebrow in a questioning expression.

"Are you trying to make a point out of leaning my chair so uncomfortably?"

"I want you to draw me again."

You blinked, "why?"

Levi clicked his tongue before returning the chair to its normal position on the floor, "obviously because that drawing you made isn't good enough."

"But you said it was accurate-"

"I said accurate. Doesn't mean that it looked good."

You grumbled as you stood up, grabbing the sketchbook, "fine. Go sit on the couch."

Levi turned from you and took a seat on the couch, properly fixing his attire as you pulled your chair to sit in front of him.

You took a seat and opened your sketchbook, placing your 2B pencil in your mouth as you flipped to a new page.

"Make sure to not make it sloppy like the other one." You glared at Levi as a small grin formed on his face.

Taking the pencil out of your mouth, you pushed your hair back and placed an extra pencil behind your ear before position the sketchbook in your arm to multitask between studying Levi and drawing.


Thirty minutes in, you continued to glance back between Levi and the sketchbook, making sure you get every single detail starting from his facial features down to the creases in his clothes. You were way too busy to notice Levi staring as you concentrated on your art.

"You're really determined."

You paused to look at Levi and shrugged, "...well, I want my customer to be satisfied."

"I'm a customer?"

"Yeah except... well, I guess this will be covered in my paycheck."

Levi's eyebrow raised as you raised your head back up to study him. You let out an annoyed grumble as you reached out to his face, pushing his eyebrow down.

"Keep your posture so I can get this right. You'll end up messing it up."

As you pulled your hand away, his hand grabbed out at your wrist. You dropped your sketchbook and pencil, cursing as you quickly glanced at him.

"Hey, what was that for?"

Levi growled as he pulled you out of the chair and into his lap. You struggled a little under his grip but ended up getting trapped in his locked arms.

"Your ignorant nature greatly irritates the shit out of me, you brat."

"Yeah well you-" you were cut off by Levi pressing his finger to your lips.

"You should keep quiet if you know what's best for you."

You pushed his hand away and jammed your finger into his cheek, anger obviously building in your face, "didn't your mother teach you any better or did being in the military fuck up your sense of morality?"

Levi tightened his grip, causing you to lose your breath.

"That mouth of yours is going to get you into some serious shit with me, woman."

You hissed at him. As you both were caught in a struggle, your heartbeats synced into one 'thud' as you both growled at each other.

"You disgust me," you spat out, a bright red tint blazing over your cheeks.

"Oh please, stop flirting with me," Levi sarcastically spat out.

"Flirting? You want to see flirting?" Without thinking, you pulled on his cravat causing him to lean in closer.

"Tch, you can't flirt even if your life depended on it," Levi narrowed his eyes and raised an eyebrow.

"Your stupid reverse psychology won't work on me, Corporal Stupid."

Levi has had it about here with your shit.
Just as you spat out your last insult, he knocked you over on the couch and straddled over you like a cage.

"Oh really? And who is the one who is underneath who?"

You dug your nails into the back of his shirt as you grit your teeth, "just do what you want. This game of cat and mouse isn't even worth the patience."

"You shouldn't have said that."

Levi dropped down on your body, knocking the air out of you. With the opportunity showed itself, he pushed his index finger into your mouth almost causing you to gag.

"That's what you're going to be doing by the time we get even one third through tonight, do you understand?"

You shut your teeth around his finger, causing him to bleed. Little did you know, he smirked and pulled his finger out of your mouth, rubbing his blood on your lips.

"You aren't very bright, are you?"

[Artist]ReaderxLevi - Sickening Love - Ch. 7

He's dirty.
Not just dirty but

dat icky dirty.

Previous: Ch. 6
Next: Coming Soon!


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United States

My name is Eryn. You can also call me Ryder.

I run a small business that I called Player 2 Craft Studio in which I get commissioned to making crochet items such as hats, scarves, gloves, and especially plushies!

You can consider me as a "Gamer"-cultured type of artist since I mainly just do generic themes.

Please take a look into my gallery and I thank all of you for all the watches, favorites, and comments!


And for each favorite, watch, comment... YOU GET A LLAMA. llama chase by CreatureofFantasy

So it's 2 am, I'm chatting it up on Matsuricon's Facebook page... discussing Naruto?
Sounds about right.

Anyway, a lot of changes occurred over the summer.

Most are personal changes - figuring out what I am, harharhar. Like I'll ever fully know but I have some idea. Well, now I do.

I feel a lot happier than usual about myself even though that doesn't fix the fact that I always feel as hollow as a coconut.

This is my last week home before I start moving back down to Huntington. There's some reasons that I wouldn't mind staying longer but I know that I won't be able to stay.

I have my life to consider first.

That's what I've spent most of my summer figuring out.

Getting there, though.
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Without/Wait4U -Noteworthy Ladies (Acapella group)

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